Lord Howe Island Accommodation

One of the greatest things about a holiday on Lord Howe Island is the sheer lack of tourists. It’s not that this remote island between New Zealand and Australia is unpopular, dangerous or dull. The government has imposed a limit of just 400 visitors on any given day day to help protect the fragile environment of the island.

This means accommodation on Lord Howe Island is something to be dealt with well in advance of your trip. With just 400 tourist beds to choose from, it is important to book your room early if you want to stay at your preferred lodging.

The exclusive nature of the island means most lodging falls in the expensive category. There are luxury villas, high-end lodges and self-catering apartments. Not every unit is expensive but you need to make reservations early to take advantage of the cheaper rooms.

In general, the apartments are the most affordable accommodation on Lord Howe Island. Places like Lohiti Apartments are priced about the same as a room at a chain hotel in Australia.

Bowker Beach House, Lord Howe Island

But the bulk of the lodging falls under the luxury label. Lord Howe Island’s newest property is Bowker Beach House (pictured left) – it’s very luxurious and private, accommodating just two guests per night.

The nine rooms at Capella Lodge are certainly worth the cost, blending five-star amenities and service with unbeatable locations right on the coast.

Lord Howe has plenty of family-friendly affordable accommodation too, such as Blue Logoon Lodge and Ebbtide Apartments. Really, there’s something for everyone on Lord Howe Island.

The local population numbers only around 350, many of which work in the tourism industry. This creates a scene that is more akin to an exclusive tropical island resort than a cultural destination. But that doesn’t bother most of the folks who make the journey to remote Lord Howe Island.

How long to stay on Lord Howe Island?

This can depend on budget and how active you’re likely to be, but you should allow at least 3 to 4 nights on Lord Howe Island. Lord Howe is bigger than you might realize, with a lot to offer. You could easily spend 7 to 10 days on the island, with plenty to see and do everyday.

Where to stay on Lord Howe Island?

*Rates below are per person, twin share.


Off peak from $615Peak season from $690

Beachcomber Lodge

Off peak from $63Peak season from $138

Blue Lagoon

Off peak from $85Peak season from $253

Bowker Beach House

Off peak from $250Peak season from $450

Capella Lodge

Off peak from $650Peak season from $900

Earl's Anchorage

Off peak from $195Peak season from $445

Ebbtide Apartments

Off peak from $76Peak season from $159

Howeana Apartments

Off peak from $175Peak season from $440

Leanda-Lei Apartments

Off peak from $100Peak season from $165


Off peak from $100Peak season from $220

Milky Way Villas

Off peak from $101Peak season from $201

Pandanus Lodge

Off peak from $138Peak season from $248

Pinetrees Lodge

Off peak from $205Peak season from $355

Somerset Apartments

Off peak from $85Peak season from $185

Map of Lord Howe Island

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Lord Howe IslandAccommodation
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