Earl’s Anchorage Lord Howe Island

With its convenient location in the centre of Lord Howe Island, Earl’s Anchorage is an excellent accommodation choice for travellers in search of privacy and ambiance, along with close proximity to the beaches on both coasts. Few resorts boast a better location in terms of access to the island’s hiking trails and beaches. Within minutes you can be lounging on Ned’s Beach or hiking to the top of Transit Hill.

Earl's Anchorage, Lord Howe Island

Like most resorts on Lord Howe Island, Earl’s Anchorage offers casual Australian, beach-style lodging surrounded by lush gardens. Kentia palms dot the property, providing privacy from the road and plenty of shade on those sunny days. This dense vegetation creates a nautical village right in the heart of the island’s main populated area. Bungalows have been built along the southern boundary to maximise privacy and allow the north-facing sunshine to flood in.

Each of the self-contained bungalows at Earl’s Anchorage is named after a famous Australian yacht and designed specifically for the property by Arcoessence Architects. Different roof shapes, room proportions and window placement avoid the monotony of similar buildings. Each of the spacious units has its own look and feel but all of them have been cleverly designed to create interesting spaces and to take advantage of the northern sun, which helps to warm things up in the winter months.

Private outdoor decks are ideally positioned on the northern side to give guests great views while maintaining privacy from other bungalows. What makes Earl’s Anchorage so engaging is this harmony of personal space and the interconnected feel of a village. John Green, the owner, is a sixth-generation islander who set out to create a resort which is totally unique yet which reflects the topography, climate and feel of Lord Howe Island.

The resort’s sister restaurant, the Anchorage Restaurant, is set right in the centre of the village, on the waterfront. Meals can be enjoyed at your bungalow or at the popular restaurant itself. Of course, there are plenty of other options for dining out in the town centre, which is within a casual walk of the resort.

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