Sprinkled with almost a dozen mesmerising beaches and many other natural attractions, Lord Howe Island is an irresistible holiday destination for sun-seekers. There is a wide range of different styles of beaches upon the island, despite it only being 10kms long and less than two kilometres at its widest point.

Nevertheless, arguably the most popular strip of white sand on this World Heritage-listed rock is Blinky Beach.

Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island

This splendid beach is found about a half way down the eastern coast of Lord Howe Island, just metres from the island’s airport. The main ‘township’ of Lord Howe is less than two miles from the beach, so visitors can effortlessly reach it via bicycle, on foot or by car.

Blinky Beach is nestled between the beauty of Blinky Point and Mutton Bird Lookout.

The beach is commonly regarded as Australia’s best least-crowded surf beach, although great swells aren’t a year-round luxury. It is best for surfers to check the weather conditions prior to travelling here. However, when the surf is up, it is certainly a memorable surfing spot. Locals call this place ‘Champagne Surf’, thanks to its sparkling breaks and spectacular coastal landscape.

Surfboards can be hired in town, or at some of the resorts.

In addition to board and body surfing, Blinky Beach offers plenty of sandy space for sunbathing, and the clear turquoise waters provide the ideal features for a great swim or snorkel. Just behind the beach is Kentia Plantation, which is a highly-celebrated place for flora and bird spotting.

Blinky Beach is also a fantastic place to enjoy some beach fishing, especially from the rocky points at either end.

With no more than 800 people on the island of Lord Howe at any one time, Blinky Beach, or any of the other beaches upon the island for that matter, is never crowded.

Of course, visitors need to keep in mind than this spectacular beach has remained in pristine condition for years, so respect should always be shown to the local environment.

Map of Lord Howe Island

Explore more with our Lord Howe Island map and find your way around Australia’s last great island paradise. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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