Lord Howe Island Facts

Lord Howe Island is probably Australia’s last unspoilt island paradise. The island is pretty impressive close up and boasts intriguing statistics. Here are some facts on Lord Howe Island:

Lord Howe Island Facts

How big is Lord Howe Island?

  • Fact: The Lord Howe archipelago consists of 28 islands of varying size.
  • Fact: Lord Howe Island is about six miles (11kms) long, just over a mile (two kilometres) wide at its widest point and a fraction of a mile (0.3kms) wide at its narrowest point. The island is 56 square kilometers.
  • Fact: Balls Pyramid is the highest sea stack on the planet (551 metre tall).
  • Fact: Mt Gower (Lord Howe Island’s tallest mountain) rises 875 meters above sea level, almost straight up from the coast. This is quite unusual in Australia, and quite a sight to be seen!

Where is Lord Howe Island?

  • Fact: Lord Howe Island lies north-east of Sydney (in line with Port Macquarie) between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Fact: Lord Howe Island is 600km (373 miles) east of the Australian mainland – 31° 33′ S, 159° 05′ E.
  • Fact: Flights to Lord Howe Island take less than two hours from Sydney and Brisbane.

More Lord Howe Island Facts

  • Fact: The population of Lord Howe is currently around 350 residents, with tourists restricted to just 400.
  • Fact: Lord Howe Island was World Heritage Listed in 1982.
  • Fact: Lord Howe Island airport was opened in 1975.
  • Fact: There is a 25 kph speed limit (everyone waves ‘hello’ as they pass – it takes some getting used to if you’re from a big city!) and only a very limited number of cars on Lord Howe Island. There are a limited number of rental cars on the island.
  • Fact: Lord Howe Island boasts ten different surf breaks across two sides of the island.
  • Fact: The waters around Lord Howe Island are home to 90 coral species and an astounding 500 species of fish.
Tourist Information

Lord Howe Island Visitor Centre
Museum Complex, Corner Lagoon + Middle Beach Roads
Lord Howe Island, NSW, 2898
Telephone: (02) 6563 2114 or 1800 240 937

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