Among the 11 beautiful beaches on Lord Howe Island, Neds Beach is one of the most entertaining and most unique. It is here that you can actually wade into the shallow waters and hand-feed the mélange of fish that swarm to your side whenever food is dropped in.

Neds Beach is located on the northeast side of the island. It’s close enough to the island’s main centres of population, yet remains quiet and uncrowded, making it one or Lord Howe’s favourite natural attractions.

The calm, clear waters are just perfect for kids, who never fail to marvel at the thrill of having schools of fish swoon around their ankles.

Neds Beach, Lord Howe Island

There are several species of fish that live in the waters at Neds Beach. You can expect to see silver drummers, wrasse, mullets, kingfish, garfish and even the spangled emperor. It’s a real frenzy of placid, but hungry, fish.

Better yet, a gorgeous, healthy coral reef provides the backdrop for all this fish activity. This kaleidoscope of colour from the coral and the fish creates the ideal environment for snorkelling.

Don’t worry about bringing your own mask and fins. The beach stocks a selection of gear you can use upon payment of a small donation. This system is a wonderful reminder of how peaceful and trusting this island is.

Of course, there is also a lovely beach on hand that is just perfect for lounging around and soaking in the sun.

The natural atmosphere of Neds Beach perfectly complements the activity going on in the water.

This is one of the most important sectors of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park so you are guaranteed friendly fish and waters which are in pristine condition.

It’s a dedicated fish-feeding and snorkelling zone so there are excellent facilities on site and a welcome encouragement to hit the water and mingle with the aquatic life.

Map of Neds Beach

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