Lord Howe Island is one of the most endearing and adventure laden island retreats in the Tasman Sea. In addition to divers, hikers and nature lovers, surfing enthusiasts will find plenty to satisfy their waving-riding desires. As a matter of fact, the island’s top surfing spots are commonly regarded as among the best Australia has to offer.

The island is sprinkled with many stunning beaches, although not all are suitable for surfing. On the eastern side of the island, most of the premier surfing spots are beach breaks, making them ideal for all levels.

Blinky Beach, which sits half-way down the eastern coastline, is the most renowned break for board riders. It comes highly recommended by locals.

surfing on Lord Howe Island

Just north is Middle Beach, which boasts an incredible point break. Ned’s Beach is a beach break on the northeastern corner.

Surfing at Lord Howe Island is also possible on the western side. However, with the coral lagoon fringing much of this side, many of the breaks are located off-shore.

Some of the more renowned reef breaks include Salmon Beach, Lovers Bay and Lagoon Beach.

Kayaks, boats or paddling by board are the best ways to get to these more ‘remote’ surfing spots.

Even though surfing enthusiasts will no doubt bring their boards along, it is possible for novice riders to hire equipment when surfing at Lord Howe Island.

There are several local shops offering surfboard rentals, along with equipment for various other water sports.

In addition, several resorts upon the island provide guests with surfboard rentals.

The pristine water, elegant rolling waves and stunning natural beauty all make surfing at Lord Howe Island a memorable experience.

In addition, the island also boasts the least crowded beaches in the Australia, as no more than 400 tourists are allowed on the island at any one time.

Whether surfers are experienced professionals or beginners, Lord Howe Island is the ideal place for a beach escape.

Map of Lord Howe Surf Beaches

Explore more with our Lord Howe Island map and find your way around Australia’s last great island paradise. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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