There are 11 different beaches on Lord Howe Island and Old Settlement is one of the most secluded and most tranquil. Situated at the northern end of the island, this gem of a beach is peppered with sandstone rocks which have been weathered into pieces of natural sculpture over time.

It is so picturesque, this natural attraction could easily be the poster child for Lord Howe Island’s sandy side.

Since fewer visitors make their way to Old Settlement than to the more popular beaches, those who make the effort to get here are rewarded with a quiet spot to relax, swim or snorkel.

Towering volcanic peaks provide the backdrop to the white sands and clear waters. It’s a great place to bring a picnic, lounge in the sun or swim in the sea.

Old Settlement, Lord Howe Island

The snorkelling at Old Settlement is top-notch. Shallow water and a thriving coral reef create the ideal environment for casual underwater exploration.

There are a dozen or so species of fish living here, along with colourful coral. Most people rent snorkelling gear and hit the water on their own. But if you need guidance, there are two dive shops on the island that can arrange daytrips to Old Settlement.

A great complement to the tranquility of Old Settlement is the lively surfing scene at Blinky Beach, just around the corner on the eastern coast.

This is the place to go for the best surfing and body-boarding on Lord Howe Island. The locals call it ‘champagne surf’ thanks to the soft, rolling waves that pile onto the beach. A near absence of people adds to the fun of surfing at Blinky Beach.

So after spending a morning on Lord Howe Island’s Old Settlement, head around the bend to Blinky to wrap up a perfect day of enjoying this island’s amazing beaches.

Map of Lord Howe Island

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