Of the many dramatic beaches on Lord Howe Island, North Bay is arguably the most memorable. This secluded beach could easily grace postcards from this remote archipelago between Australia and New Zealand. You can only reach the natural attraction of North Bay by walking or by taking a boat.

This is one of the finest spots on the island to lounge away the day on its brilliant white-sand beach. The bay is very shallow, ensuring easy access for anyone who wants to wade into the crystal-clear waters or take a look beneath the surface.

The snorkelling at Lord Howe Island’s North Bay is spectacular. An impressive range of fish, stingrays and sea turtles live among the healthy coral reef so exotic aquatic sightings are guaranteed.

Another underwater highlight here is the wreck of the Favourite, which sank to the ocean floor in 1965.

You can easily snorkel this site on your own if you rent gear from your lodging. But there are also a couple of excellent dive shops on the island that organise snorkelling outings to North Bay and other area hot spots.

The waters around the island are protected within a marine park so you can count on pristine water conditions and incredibly healthy marine life.

On land, the birds take over. North Bay is a popular hang out for migratory sea birds.

You can spot them gliding over the bay, searching for their next meal, doing aerial tricks in the hope of attracting a mate or just wandering around on the shore.

North Bay is also a great starting point for walks to Old Gulch and Herring Pools or upwards to the peak of Mount Eliza, just on the edge of this corner of Lord Howe Island.

Map of North Bay

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