With just 400 tourist beds on Lord Howe Island, luxury definitely takes a leading role when it comes to the lodging options on this remote and gorgeous getaway.

This is the kind of place where you can escape the world Robinson Crusoe-style but still enjoy all the creature comforts that make a tropical beach holiday so relaxing and memorable.

There are lodges, villas, guesthouses and apartments to choose from among the luxury lodging on Lord Howe Island. Nearly all of the accommodation on Lord Howe boasts extraordinary locations along the beach, like Pinetrees Lodge and Ebbtide Apartments, and most have mastered the art of providing just enough comfort and service without losing that deserted island ambiance.

A few places on Lord Howe Island really stand out. Capella Lodge is one of the stars of this island, boasting an excellent restaurant, a spa and modern suites that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Pinetrees Lodge is another standout, if nothing else than for its stunning beachfront location and top-flight restaurant. Here, the luxury accommodation consists of separate bungalows spread out around the property.

The service is outstanding and the resort is known for hosting special dining, photography and art events throughout the high season.

The definition of luxury on Lord Howe Island may not fit the mold expected by a lot of travellers but it certainly covers its own niche.

Local innkeepers have tried hard to incorporate their resorts into the surrounding nature to create lodging that blends seamlessly with the environment.

While the rooms themselves may seem simple, they are almost always furnished with luxury beds and comfortable unique pieces of furniture.

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